Graduation. Is it your time or a distant memory?

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Graduation. Is it your time or a distant memory?

It's that time of year again when thousands of young graduates are released into the big, bad world and have the exciting and equally daunting task of securing that first ‘real’ job!
We have all been there and unfortunately there is no cheat sheet to finding one (if only it was that simple), but here are a few little things that I have learned over my short career working at a creative agency, that might help you on your way or you may relate to…..
Having a first class honours degree doesn’t guarantee you will secure that dream job, employers are interested in your CV, your enthusiasm, personality and (crucially in this industry) your creativity, whether that be your portfolio, coding skills or marketing ideas!
Be professional. No one will take you seriously with an email address such as, while you're at it, sort out your facebook privacy settings too. We ARE nosey and we WILL look.
Spell check your covering letter and CV, a glaring typo will instantly leave a bad impression. Whilst we're on the subject of CVs; be creative, this doesn't mean make stuff up, but guys like Mike & Scott get hundreds of CVs every week, make sure yours is the one they pick up and read.
Develop your own online community; create your own blog, join relevant online communities, follow industry experts you admire, engaging and sharing will only increase your knowledge and skills in an ever changing industry!
Work placements really can make a difference. They are a great introduction to how the design world really works – working environments can be a shock to the system, so be prepared.  
Welcome ALL feedback; seek constructive criticism, not praise and always learn from it.
Have realistic initial salary expectations, your first few years are about learning how the industry really works and gaining experience. A few more years living like a student never harmed anyone.
Work hard, really hard and keep learning, this industry is fast paced and constantly evolving. Long hours are a given.
Career uncertainty is normal, each step you take will only add to your experience (even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time!).
Never quit, be proactive, positive and creative and you will eventually get the attention you deserve, and once you do, you will never look back, I sure haven't...
If you can relate to this advice, you may have already been through this process and got that much-needed experience under your belt. If so, you could be the person Hampton Associates have been searching for. Contact us and you never know, you could be working for an award winning (and totally awesome) brand design and web agency.

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