Digital Account Manager/Planner wanted

Posted 29/06/12 by Mike General

Digital Account Manager/Planner wanted

Join one of Scotlandís leading design, brand, marketing and digital specialists. Read more...

Google Instant heralds advertising challenge

Posted 15/09/10 by Graeme General

Google Instant heralds advertising challenge

Brands will be forced to adjust their search-marketing strategies following the introduction of Google Instant Read more...

Google Font API

Posted 20/05/10 by David Web

Google Font API

Web fonts just became a bit more elegant and easier to use. Read more...

Zeldman and Ethan Marcotte on the future of the web

Posted 01/04/10 by David Web

Zeldman and Ethan Marcotte on the future of the web

Jeffrey Zeldman and Ethan Marcotte talk about the third edition of Designing with Web Standards as well as discuss the future of the web. Read more...

Upcoming web technologies vs browser compatibility

Posted 18/02/09 by David Web

Compatibility tables for features in HTML5, CSS3, SVG and other upcoming web technologies. Read more...

CSS image replacement for headers

Posted 10/02/09 by David Web

Probably the best technique in the world for using CSS to replace header text, with images. Read more...

Styled form fields vs usability

Posted 14/01/09 by David Web

Some things to remember, when implementing CSS styled form fields, to avoid potential usability issues. Read more...

Simple guide for creating an RSS feed

Posted 23/06/08 by David Web

Adding an RSS feed to your website or blog is an easy and effective way to keep your visitors up-to-date with your latest news and posts. This quick guide will show you how to write and publish your own feed. Read more...

Still too early for CSS3

Posted 23/05/08 by David Web

CSS3 promises a whole new array of features which will give web developers even greater control over their web designs. Read more...

Embed media on a website

Posted 19/02/08 by David Web

A short guide on ways to embed media on a website, with links to a number of widely used scripts. Read more...

Are Meta-tags dead?

Posted 20/02/07 by David Web

Discussion on meta-tags and web design and the value placed on meta tags in relation to search engine optimisation SEO. Read more...