Brand Design


From posh cows to wind turbines - food packaging for Mackie's


Mackie's vision is to be a global brand from the greenest company in Britain created by people having fun. We developed the Mackie's core ice cream range, the Extra Posh ice cream range, Crinkle Cut Dipper crisp range and most recently their new range of delicious chocolate bars.


The Mackie’s brand saw the opportunity to build a new range of chocolate. Our task was to capture the excitement and quality that people already associated with the brand and bring it alive via the packaging. The chocolate will be hitting supermarket shelves soon, so keep your eyes peeled.


The Posh Cow range introduces the Mackie's brand in a typically fun and engaging style. The images on the tubs were taken at Mackie's farm – tiaras added later! The range was the winner of the Grampian Food Forum Innovation Awards for Best Packaging in 2011.


We designed dynamic graphic illustrations for each of the core range tubs that reflects the product's unique and natural qualities.