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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Hampton Site Manager™ is our custom built Content Management System (CMS) and Admin System which is used to power many of our dynamically driven websites.

Continually developed over a number of years, the system has been adapted to manage websites that cover a broad spectrum with many requiring unique features specific to that website.

CMS Interface

Hampton Site Manager™ features

  • Powerful CMS (including Meta-tags) that is tailored to your website structure
  • News and Events modules
  • Social media module (post content directly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts)
  • Blog
  • Image Galleries
  • Mailing list and Newsletter facility
  • Online availability and bookings
  • E-commerce online shop management
  • Online order management
  • Site maintenance tools

Continual Development

Our Content Management System will continue to grow and improve as more custom modules are created for our clients' websites.

A key benefit of powering your website with Hampton Site Manager™ is that it is customised for your needs. Compared to other CMS solutions which by their nature are generic and contain a lot of unnecessary or confusing features, our Admin system only contains what you actually want and is very simple to use.

We have received many client comments on the ease of use and how intuitive the system is to learn.

If you are looking to develop a new website or expand your current website and are interested in Hampton Site Manager™ then please contact us for more details.