Bouncy bouncy bouncy!!!

Posted 24/08/10 by Mike Social Permalink

Bouncy bouncy bouncy!!!

Another year....another BBQ.....another day of sillyness

Almost 30 staff & their families enjoyed a great day at the annual Hampton's BBQ.  Held for the 2nd consecutive year at the Grammar FP's club, great food, beer & wine, games and the obligatory bouncy castle ensured that everyone went home happy and a darn sight less sober than when they turned up (even the kids went home high after excessing on fizzy drinks & necking loads of sugary sweets!!)

Particular memorable moments included Graeme's impressive medieval headwear, Lexie's bouncy castle 'mad dance', the 'Dads' "hammering" the kids at football and Susan's 'let's have a few cheeky wee cocktails before we head off' sketch.

You never know, next year the sun might even shine....aye right!