Design on the BBC

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Design on the BBC

Recently we've spotted a few design related features on the BBC, so are we about to see another resurgence in design awareness?

Design like anything goes through its peaks and troughs and when it's at one of its peaks it can burst into the public consciousness. The last time would have been the mid 90's with the likes of David Carson and Raygun magazine which inspired 100/1000's of copycats most notably "Blah Blah Blah" magazine in the UK, where the design of the magazine seemed to grab centre stage rather than the stars it featured.


As designers we're pretty lucky to do a job we really enjoy, have a real interest in and passion for. So when someone like the BBC starts running features on your industry it's pretty cool, albeit a wee bit sad I guess, but to be honest all designers are massive design nerds!

So here are some of the features we've picked up on.

Do typefaces really matter?


An article on the BBC News Magazine site discussing the importance of type & typography.

A retrospective look at graphic artist Roman Cieslewicz.


A short video about the current retrospective of Roman Cieslewicz's work, at the Royal College of Art in London, who was possibly one of the most influential graphic design artists of the 20th century.

The Art of Russia


In the final episode of this 3 part series, the Culture Show's Andrew Graham-Dixon looks at examples of the work of Alexander Rodchenko and his collaborations with Vladimir Mayakovsky. There's a bit of a eureka moment in this clip as Andrew Graham-Dixon realises he's pretty much looking at the birth of modern graphic design.

The Genius of Design


Documentary series exploring the history of design, predominantly about product design but still a great series.

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