Free SEO Checklist

Posted 09/02/11 by David Web Permalink

The following list of tips and techniques should be implemented by all web site owners to improve their SEO.

Key Words / Phrases

  • Try and use key phrases whenever possible rather than individual words.
  • Try and focus on only a couple of key phrases per page
  • Use the key phrases in page <title> tags and <h1>, <h2>.. tags
  • Try and include key words in your site urls
  • Place important key words towards the top of the document
  • Use secondary words and phrases for your keywords to improve coverage
  • Use keywords in image alt tags, ensuring they still describe the image effectively
  • Ensure the meta description tag contains keywords while still summarising the page's content


  • Have keyword rich content that is unique on every page
  • Regularly update or add new content
  • Use bold and italic styles to highlight key words and phrases


  • Ensure anchor text in incoming links from external sites use your keywords
  • While less important, also use keyword based links for internal linking too
  • Try and increase the amount of highly ranked, popular websites that link to you. These sites need to be of a similar topic to your own for best results.
  • Add yourself to DMOZ, Yahoo Directory and similar high ranking directories to increase quality inbound links.
  • Check for any broken links on your website
  • Try to limit the amount of outgoing links on your website
  • Don't link to untrustworthy sites as you may be penalised

Web Development

  • Put all Javascript and stylesheets in external includes
  • Avoid splash / doorway pages
  • Validate and check every page and stylesheet against the W3C validator
  • Provide alternate content where flash or other media rich content is used
  • Provide a sitemap to allow easy indexing of your pages
  • Avoid using images as text whenever possible
  • Avoid using frames
  • Use clean urls whenever possible rather than lengthy dynamic ones