GF Smith 126 years of Graphic Design

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GF Smith 126 years of Graphic Design

When Hamptons were invited to the GF Smith 126 year exhibition on Tuesday evening, our team all jumped at the chance to learn a little bit more about our favourite quality paper specialists.

On display was an archive of promotional material and sample books from each decade of the GF Smith history, it really was great to see the trends and styles throughout the years - the 60′s being the overwhelming favourite among the Hampton’s team. To close the exhibition, Paul Scharf (GF Smith Specification Sales Manager) presented a historic and insightful presentation on the company’s not only credible but established success as the designers choice.

Exploring past design work included contributions from individuals such as Saul Bass, Paul Rand, Milton Glaser and Peter Saville, it was very easy to see the difference a good quality stock can make to the print quality of already outstanding designs. People have and always will appreciate quality, not only visually but through their other senses including touch and smell.

The following iconic quote was used by GF Smith back in 1929 and highlights the importance of quality, it leaves you with something to consider…

"Quality in printing in not a extravagant indulgence. It is in fact a necessity of advertising that must pay its way.

The more vital the need of returns from your printed matter, the greater the necessity that it possess the persuasiveness of quality.

You think of your printed matter as so many thousand pieces to be sent to a "list"

But the list is compiled of individual Jims and Jacks or Bettys and Annes who see but one copy apiece. They do not know how large an edition you have printed. They do not know that such and such a printer would have done the job for less money. They do not know, nor do they care, anything at all about the expenses, difficulties, or printing problems involved in getting out your printed matter.

They only know that in their hands is a booklet - one booklet.

They are either impressed or unimpressed. In that one copy is your opportunity.

Make that one copy rise to it."

The Persuasiveness of Quality - Strathmore Alexandra Japan (1929)

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