How smart is your digital brand?

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How smart is your digital brand?

Statistics are showing that by 2014 mobile internet should take over desktop internet usage. This trend means that it's now more important than ever for your brand to be 'mobile optimised'.

How can I tell if my site needs mobile investment?
Grab your smartphone and access your website. How does it look? Can you navigate easily? Is the content large enough to read? Images, video and other media functioning correctly? Does it load quickly?

If the answer is 'no' to any of the above then it's time to address your mobile strategy.

What should my mobile site look like?
Your mobile site should be designed to work effectively on every device it is being viewed on – tablet and smartphone. Ultimately your objective should be for your target audience to have a rewarding experience whenever and wherever they view your digital brand message.

Here's some examples of recent responsive mobile sites completed by Hamptons:

Check them out on your smartphone and then compare on your desktop. Page elements 'stack' and navigational elements display differently depending on where you are viewing the site. Mobile ready.

What are my options?
At the start of the mobile conversion process our clients will typically look for guidance choosing between a responsive web design (RWD) or a mobile app (MA).

In very basic terms, a responsive solution takes all content from your desktop website and then displays this intelligently for mobile. A mobile app on the other hand is built separately from the desktop site and can display unique content and can include unique features, for example: phone features, locational services, camera, etc….

Confused? Don't be! Decision making can be helped by asking a few key questions:

  • What are my objectives? Do I want content to be the same for all devices, or do I want my mobile audience to view content which is bespoke or niche compared to my desktop website?
  • What is my current position? How complex is my current desktop site and what does this mean in terms of the mobile version? Is this a good time to invest in a complete re-invention of my web communication, re-building for all devices?

Time is now
Having a smart mobile strategy is a positive brand attribute and critical with a growing mobile audience. Review your options, understand you objectives and then grab the mobile age firmly by it's battery charged horns!