How to add social bookmarks to your website

Posted 15/08/08 by David Web Permalink

Social bookmarks are a good way to drive traffic to your website for minimal effort. Use the popularity of your content to persuade visitors to share your website with others on numerous social networking websites.

You can't fail to notice the rise of the social bookmark on the web over that last couple of years. All the major sites now seem to contain the ubiquitous little icons - including BBC News.

While subtle usage can enhance the user experience there is still often a tendency to cram as many icons as possible on a page. This actually will just confuse the user and detract from the main page content so it is best to try and keep the list of bookmark links no longer than about six.

Personally I rarely use these links as if I am going to bookmark something I will use a browser shortcut instead, but if you wish to add this feature to your website then there are two main ways to do this.


Single button social bookmarking script

The easiest way to add bookmark icons to your website is to use an all in one solution that uses scripting to produce a single button that then provides you with a pop-up list of bookmark links.

The most popular is AddThis and you may have noticed that it is the one we use on our own website. Another popular option for a single button solution is ShareThis.

One of the benefits of using these third-party solutions is that a single button is a lot less cluttered than a group of small icons. However you may notice a slightly longer page download time as the provider's server will be hosting the files.


Manually add social bookmarks

Adding bookmarks manually, while taking a little longer, comes with a number of benefits.

Firstly your pages should load faster as everything will be stored on the same server. Also as you have total control over what bookmarks you add, you can keep the list as short or long as you like.

The following examples show how to add bookmarks manually for some of the more popular social networking websites. To add the links simply copy the following code snippets and replace xTITLEx and xURLx with the title and the permanent link of the page.



<a href="" title="Submit to Digg">Digg It</a>


<a href="">Stumble it!</a>

<a href=""></a>


<a href="" title="Add to Technorati Favorites">Technorati</a>


<a href=";title=xTITLEx" title="Reddit">Reddit</a>


<a href="" title="Post to Facebook">Facebook</a>