Konnichiwa Kitsune

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Konnichiwa Kitsune

No need to open Google Translate...for those of you who don’t speak Japanese, “Konnichiwa Kitsune” means “Hello Fox”.

How do we know this? Well, the Japanese language is something we’ve been getting to grips with recently, as part of our continuing work with the great guys at BrewDog.

They recently asked us to design a label for their new IPA, “Konnichiwa Kitsune”, the latest in their ‘Hello My Name Is’ series.

Having worked with BrewDog from day one developing their unique brand message, we were delighted to get our teeth into another new label…only this time the challenge was to have it all in Japanese!

We kept the design simple and let the characters do the talking. The fantastic colour is symbolistic of the yuzu fruit (a very tart, grapefruit-like flavour) that is infused throughout this imperial IPA. 

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