Mackie's of Scotland

Posted 13/10/11 by Graeme Brand & Design Permalink

Mackie's of Scotland

Our client, Mackie's of Scotland, blew onto our screens last night on BBC's Reporting Scotland, with our pack design making a cameo appearance on the screens behind Jackie Bird.

So why were Mackie's in the news? World's best ice cream? Nope, although here at Hamptons we'd vote yes on that one! A weird new favour? Nope, we'll leave that to the BrewDog boys! Dancing Cows? Still No, although there are rumours! In fact Scotland has been named as the windiest country in Europe, after a row erupted over an ad for their ice cream.

On their website, Mackie's proudly talk about using wind turbines to power their factory at Westertown. Their big claim though was that they were based in the windiest spot in Europe. So no surprise there then if you live in our blustery wee corner of the British Isles, but someone wasn't convinced and dismissed Mackie's claims as hot air.

The advertising watchdog asked Mackie's to prove it, and now they have, with Scotland officially being named windiest country in Europe.