Measure your SEO

Posted 19/05/11 by David Web Permalink

Monitor and improve your website's search engine optimisation and conversion rates.

The key to search engine optimisation is to continually monitor how your website is performing rather than just changing things once and crossing your fingers. If you are in a very competitive market then it may take many different iterations of your website content and keywords before you achieve the results you are after.

Use analytics to monitor your SEO

Google Analytics is an extremely useful and free tool that provides a wealth of information relating to your web site's performance. You can determine whether the keywords that drive traffic to your site are actually the keywords you intended to use and tweak these accordingly.

All websites that we build are set up with an accompanying Google Analytics account which we demonstrate to clients on how to get the most from it. As well as showing the keywords used on search engines and any links from referring websites, Analytics tells you what the visitors actually do when they reach your site.

The importance of conversion rates

Conversion rate is the name given to the percentage of your site visitors who reach a desired goal in a certain period of time. These could include such things as signing up to a newsletter, or buying a certain product on an online shop.

This rate determines the quality of visitors you are receiving and is the true measure of SEO success. Your web site visitor statistics will help you produce reports to measure how this changes over time.

A/B and multivariate testing

Google Website Optimiser is a great way to increase conversion rates. It allows you to run multiple layouts of the same webpage to determine which one works best with the highest conversion rate. Often even the smallest of changes can make a significant difference.

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