Meet Dark Revolution

Posted 25/05/16 by Julie Brand & Design Permalink

Dark Revolution came to us in 2015 looking for an identity, packaging and website for their new brewery down in Salisbury, England. Producing small batch, high quality beers predominately for the bottle beer market, their passion soon got us excited. After exploring some different concepts around the name, the brand came together though the creation of a Rorschach inspired logo which included a central skull and two mirroring crows, evolving into an abstract, intriguing brand with loads of potential.

We were delighted when Dark Revolution decided to print the label designs directly onto the bottle as the design lent itself really well to using the negative space of the bottles. The bright pop of colour within the beer names really helps bring these bottles to life.

Along with packaging design, DR required pump clips for their draught beers so we joined together one afternoon to get creative. Everyone from the HA got involved and started to create their very own inkblots. With the exception of one over-excited account manager, everyone’s efforts revealed hidden imagery within the spilled ink. These inkblots were then scanned in and treated before being used for the Dark Revolution pump clips. So not only is the beer handcrafted, the pump clips are too!

We’re currently putting the finishing touches on the Dark Revolution website which will launch early this summer. It will include an online shop so why not try the range for yourself? Dark Revolution are also working on an exciting project with some of Europe’s most exciting street artists…but we couldn’t possibly reveal any more details right now!

Call it craft. Call it artisan. Call it want you want. Just drink it, enjoy every mouthful and join the revolution.