Not on your nellie!

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Not on your nellie!

A beach in Thailand with beautiful blue skies, azure seas and golden sands would be the more usual place to find elephants gamboling in the water. Not in this case - a warm summer day on Aberdeen beach (a rarity in its own right!) was the perfect setting for Chipperfield's Circus elephants to have some time off and enjoy the facilities. 

The year was 1993 and one of the last circuses to be allowed to perform with wild animals arrived in town from June to July. Driving along the Esplanade, you can imagine the last thing you expect to see are 3 elephants splashing around in the sea. I was lucky enough to have a camera with me as no one is likely to believe this story! Unfortunately the excitement took over and any photography skills went out the window with standard tourist pics of people walking into shot at the last minute happening in every photo. But at least I had my proof!


Aberdeen City Council no longer permit their land to be used for activities that include performing captive wild animals. They believe there is no educational value in using these animals for entertainment and therefore an event like this is likely to remain a rarity in Aberdeen, much like the sunny summer weather!