Optimise your website content

Posted 12/03/11 by David Web Permalink

Ensure your website's content is optimised for the web and maximising your SEO.

The key part of any website, and what search engines are really interested in, is the text or content on your pages. A website can be as aesthetically beautiful as it likes but if it has little or badly conceived content then it will almost certainly perform badly in the search engine rankings.

All the websites we design and build are carefully structured to ensure the key content is most prominent. It is important to use heading tags (h1, h2 etc) for each unique page, highlighting important key phrases. This used in conjunction with carefully written title and meta tags are vital to tell search engines what each page is about.

Copywriting for the web

We work with a number of experienced copywriters and web publishers to help our clients produce targeted, keyword rich content for their websites. Text should be concise, easy to understand and containing your key phrases as well as common variations. Position is also important with text nearer the top of the page being given a greater weighting.

All links (particularly internal links) should have a clear call to action. Links are also given weighting and the keywords used within the tag can help search engines determine what the target page is about. For example avoid links such as "click here" or "more info" when you could have something targeted such as Aberdeen Web Design.

Use dynamic content wherever possible

The rise of Web 2.0 style websites in recent years, which use a high level of user interaction, has resulted in much greater content on the web being dynamic and often generated by the actual site visitors.

Search engines love new content as this tells them the website is regularly used and updated. Features such as a blog or forum allow businesses to interact directly with their customers in a public space. This leads to a higher level of trust between the customer and the online business as well as the added advantage of continuous keyword-rich content being created.

If you need help creating content for your website or you have a new web design or development project and want to use some of the features described above then please get in touch.