Our guide to - What's hot for 2013!

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Our guide to - What's hot for 2013!


If 2012 is anything to go by, it's apparent that a lot of businesses out there are really getting switched on to the importance of clearly identifying and communicating their brand attributes.

We worked on a number of brand positioning projects for large and small organisations who very quickly appreciated the benefits of investing in this fundamental exercise.

Whether it's a complete rebrand or just a brand refresh, it's vital that not only your customers understand what your brand stands for, but your employees do too.

Having clarity and consistency in this area of your business is vital in today's brand-savvy world.

An unclear or disjointed approach will only result in confusion and misinterpretation about what makes your business unique and that's a clear barrier to people believing in your brand (including your employees - if they don't get it - would you expect your customers to?).

Give us a call if this is something that you believe your business would benefit from - the results will undoubtedly benefit your company and its performance.

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Design & communications

Surprisingly 2012 saw a big shift back into printed materials for many of our clients.

Just when we thought the digital world had well and truly superseded communications through print, 2012 became our busiest period in ink and paper for many a year. Whether it was a magazine, a newsletter, a brochure or internal communication materials - print is back!

In our view there is still a place for a professionally designed, targeted piece of print which can either stand alone or complement elements of your online activity.

Quote from IDC report, 2012


Some interesting trends beginning to develop across work we are producing for our clients:

  • An increased adoption of responsive web design – all our new web projects are built responsively by default to improve usability for mobile users and SEO (remember 50% of people are now accessing the internet from mobile devices - iPhones, tablets etc). Don't get left behind - make sure your site is staying in touch with your clients and customers and how they interact today, and in the future, with the internet.
  • Mobile Commerce – the number of transactions made using mobile devices continues to grow as more large retail websites become mobile friendly. Again - if you're selling online and your site isn't responsive - wave goodbye to 50% of the market (and this figure is increasing... monthly).
  • Flash Free Web – with the quick move to using HTML5, it's evident that Flash is on its last legs. Many of the larger monopoly companies (Apple and soon Google) tend not to support Flash on mobile devices due to performance issues. Goodbye Flash - you were great while you lasted! Seriously though, if your site is built in Flash, you really need to budget for investing in an updated site that performs efficiently in the modern web environment. It's not really an option - it's essential.
  • An increased use in Social Media brings a new dimension to marketing – last year showed a number of our clients making full use of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to engage directly with their customers. Again, this is something that you should seriously consider as part of your online strategy.

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That's it for now. Hope you've found the above info informative in some way and please get in touch if anything has prompted you to think - “that will add value to my business!”

We're always happy to help.