Producing barrels you can be sure of

Posted 05/02/15 by Erik Brand & Design Permalink

Producing barrels you can be sure of

Following the recent dip in the price of oil and the uncertainty this has caused in Aberdeen and the North East in particular, we created a recruitment campaign specifically targeting experienced engineers working within the energy sector. The purpose of our campaign for William Grant & Sons was to communicate the engineering and technical innovation that goes into producing their high profile brands, and to challenge perceptions of engineering as a career within the spirits industry. 

Deliberately referencing the difference between oil and whisky barrels - and the opposing trends of both in the current climate - we used an image that on first glance appears to be a typical offshore worker. On further viewing, this is revealed as an engineer standing in front of one of the huge engineering projects involved in the production of the world-renowned brands William Grant & Sons produce. 

Situated in locations specifically chosen to pique the interest of the target audience, including Aberdeen’s airport and train station, the 6- and 48-sheet poster sites have been generating a buzz on social media since their launch. 

This campaign directs the audience to a  dynamic new careers site we recently produced for William Grants & Sons that falls directly in line with the business' long-term digital recruitment strategy. It will work hand-in-hand with another recruitment campaign aimed at engineering graduates which is under wraps at the moment, but is due to be launched imminently - more news to follow!