Row, row, row your boat...

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Row, row, row your boat...

Us Hampton lot reckon we’re a relatively healthy bunch. Evenings, weekends and annual leave are spent at the gym, climbing Munros, cycling, running half marathons …you name it, we’ve pretty much tried it. We make up for ‘Cake Friday’ by eating plenty fruit during the week (honest!) and our range of herbal teas has grown exponentially as we attempt to curb our caffeine addiction.*

Our Account Director Debbie has been a member of Aberdeen Boat Club for 7 years, and her enthusiasm for rowing is infectious! So when she told us about the upcoming Aberdeen Boat Club Inter-Company Regatta, the most successful corporate rowing event in the UK, Team Hampton jumped at the chance to have a go!

On 28th June, four intrepid Hampton team members will compete against 39 other teams in a round-robin over a 500m course…if training pays off, we’ll move onto the knock-out stages, potentially rowing a further four times. Just think of all the carb-loading we’ll have to do!


Wish us luck…

Suzanne, Ewan, Jaye & Lindsey


*Does not apply to Scott Hunter, Creative Director.