Scottish Design Consultancy of the Year 2010

Posted 02/04/10 by Scott Permalink

Scottish Design Consultancy of the Year 2010

Hampton Asscociates have made the grade in the top categories of this years Scottish Design Consultancy of the Year Awards.

Each year the Scottish Design Review researches the design industry to identify the agencies North of the border who are on top of their game. We are delighted to be featured in the following categories:

Client poll (based on our client feedback) - 8th in Scotland

Creative Poll (based on our creative work) - 10th in Scotland

Financial poll (based on our financial performance) - 20th in Scotland

We're delighted to be ranked so highly by our clients, and to have our creative work competing with the best in Scotland (there are over 800 design businesses in Scotland so we like to think this is a pretty big achievement!).

A collective pat on our own backs and a very big thank you to our clients that took part in the review... let's go for top 5 next year!