Steve Jobs

Posted 11/10/11 by Susan General Permalink

I was fortunate enough to enter into a career in the Creative Industries which had already been revolutionised and shaped by Apple, I can however still appreciate and admire what Steve Jobs achieved in his lifetime and, through his creative vision, how helped re-define the world we live in today.

Steve Jobs, along with Stephen Wozniak, founded Apple in 1976, and the success story began. After enjoying many triumphant years including the introduction of the Macintosh (now so crucial to our industry), Jobs resigned. Even though this is recognised as a low point in Steve’s life, he was never one to give up on a dream. He spent the next few years turning his creative vision to other company’s including Graphics Group (better known today as Pixar Inc) (my god he was even influential in creating some of my favorite films, is there nothing this man hasn’t done!) and NeXT, which was later bought over by Apple returning Steve to his rightful place as Apples CEO.

The years that followed saw Apple grow from strength to strength. He had a knack for ‘anticipating what people wanted, before they knew what they wanted’, and so the iMac, iPhone and most recently the iPad were born. The frenzy that surrounded the release of each new creation proved that not only were their products among the best, but their marketing strategies were world class too – and yes I am one of those annoying people that countdown the days till the next Apple release!

Whilst sitting here writing this on my Macbook it is hard to comprehend just how one guy’s ideas have inspired so many, he was a true ‘original’ and strived for perfection. He may be gone but his legacy will live on and his work will be present in our everyday lives for decades to come, and for that I (and all the peeps in the Hampton studio) are eternally grateful.

Here’s to the dreamers, thanks Steve.