Hanging 20 with a world record holder.

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Hanging 20 with a world record holder.

What follows is a transcript form a telephone contestation between Hampton Associates Account Director, Lesley Hampton and Senior Designer, Graeme Smith. It's probably mostly made up, but the gist of it is the truth and the facts are definitely stranger than the fiction.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lesely: Hi Graeme,
Graeme: Hi,
Lesely: So, we've got a new job in for BrewDog,
Graeme: OK,
Lesley: It's a sponsorship deal…
Graeme: Uh-hu OK.
Lesley: Yeah sooo… (pauses and sniggers) eh yeah how to put it?
Graeme: Oh God, what?!
Lesley: OK look, i'm just going to come out and say it… We've been asked to design a surf board for a dog, i'm sending you a link!
Graeme: Whaaaa???!!! That's Awesome!
Lesley: I KNOW!
Lesley & Graeme: Hysterical laughter.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Not a bad was to start your week, albeit slightly surreal one. But this isn't some weird trip induced by glue & paint fumes from operation switcharoo this is the true story of when i worked on the craziest project in my 15 + years in the design industry!

It started when Michael Uy contacted BrewDog (he's a big fan) and asked if they would sponsor, wait for it, his dog Abbie. Not any dog; a surfing dog, and not any surfing dog; a Guinness World Record holding surfing dog. James agreed and suggested, as Michael was a big BrewDog fan, that Hamptons should design the board.

The next bit you know, but once we'd contained ourselves it was time to get to work. A blend of BrewDog's punk aesthetic with a 1950's surf style seemed the way to go, so that's the way we went, featuring Von Dutch (Kenny Howard) style pin-striping. We were really happy with the outcome as was Michael, who was a real pleasure to work with. And as for Abbie, well the new board clearly did the trick as Abbie came first in her size category in the Loews Coronado Dog Surfing contest, although we must admit that's most likely due more to Abbie's talent and not our graphics.

We love our work – you never quite know what’s coming next! Check out Abbie in action

Hang 20 Abbie!