Supporting Sports Development for Local Kids

Posted 13/08/11 by Mike Permalink

Supporting Sports Development for Local Kids

It's always a great feeling to put something back into the community you live and work in – especially when you're passionate about what you are investing in.

As part of our sponsorship of the Paul Lawrie Foundation, we recently completed a major new interactive website that was great fun to put together. Working with Paul and PLF's Iain Powell, we believe we have taken the communication of PLF to a new level and feedback from the PLF team (and the kids!) has been overwhelmingly positive to date.

The foundation is a fantastic platform for kids of all ages to develop their skills in a variety of sports – not just golf – and Paul should be congratulated for putting so much time and effort into this hugely successful venture.

We were also really happy to provide funding to Dyce Boys Club FC to buy soccer skills training gear and equipment for the -8's. Both Mike's lads play for Dyce (-11's and -15's) and have been with the club for a number of years. The club is run extremely well and the boys get a great grounding for their future football careers, no matter what level they end up playing.

Good luck to both PLF and DBCFC and keep up the great work guys!

View our new website for the Paul Lawrie Foundation