T minus 2 Days 'til Race Day

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T minus 2 Days 'til Race Day

In just 48 hours, 4 intrepid Hampton crew members will take to the River Dee for Aberdeen Boat Club’s annual Inter-Company Regatta.

Over the past 4 weeks, we’ve attended 6 training sessions, ably coxed by the wonderful Brendan (driving instructor/man with no fear) and learned how to navigate our way up and down the river, without falling in. We’ve:

  • (Almost) mastered how to catch and feather our blades
  • Worked out how to carry on when we ‘catch crabs’*
  • Had a seagull wish us luck in its own unique way…
  •  Won our first race
  • Collected more callouses on our hands than we can count
  • Gone through bags and bags of Haribo sweets (for the energy, obviously)
  • Dropped expensive wellies into the River Dee
  • Designed and produced our own crew t-shirt
  • Been rained on at 5 out of the 6 sessions
  • Been thoroughly welcomed by all at Aberdeen Boat Club, and we’ve had an amazing time!

Here’s hoping we can do Hampton Associates proud on Saturday – we’ll keep you posted.

Hampton Roar

* If the blade enters the water at an angle, it will dig deep into the water, reducing the power of the stroke, and making it very difficult to extract at the finish. When this happens, it is called catching a crab.