The 5 minute brand health check

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The 5 minute brand health check

A quick brand health check can be carried out by asking yourself five key questions:

1. Do you know your current position?
When was the last time you reviewed your brand collateral (online and offline)? Challenge yourself to be objective and view through your target audience's eyes – are you projecting your desired brand positioning? Take time out to review your competitors materials – how well do you differentiate and compete?

2. How well do you understand your target audience?
What is the personality and needs of your key target audiences? How does your brand currently connect with this? Have you asked trusted clients for their view on your brand?

3. What do you believe in?
Being clear on your businesses values provides a much needed foundation for your brand. The likes of Google and Apple are clear on their values, both brands clearly believe in creativity, ease of use and innovation. Can you list six unique values that you can genuinely align to your business offering? Don't confuse your mission or vision with your values.

4. What are your unique attributes?
If you had to select six unique key words that best reflect your unique attributes what would they be? Do you currently project these attributes? Remember, unique attributes are not your products and services.

5. How do you express yourself?
What do you say and how do you say it? If your tone of voice is not reflective of your (desired) values and attributes then it's time to change your communication.

How does your brand shape up to the test?