The TwitterPicture hits the capital

Posted 24/03/10 by Graeme General Permalink

The TwitterPicture hits the capital

Our favorite inky artist & valued client Johanna Basford has been commissioned to produce the cover for this years Edinburgh Fringe programme, in conjunction with... well... you!

A collaboration in the truest sense of the word, Johanna's looking for your ideas and thoughts on "the most unusual thing you’d like to see at the Fringe?" Tweet your thoughts no matter how fantastical (being sure to include this #fringecover hashtag in your tweet) or email the fringe cover studio.

We wish Johanna the best of luck as the marathon drawfest looms. Johanna will be streaming  her progress on the TwiterPicture LIVE over the web, so log on here and watch her, and indeed your, #fringecover TwitterPicture take shape from 10am to 10pm GMT on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th March.

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