The wonderful world of Eilidh

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The wonderful world of Eilidh

It's been great to have Meldrum Academy pupil Eilidh Reid with us in the studio this week. Eilidh's enjoyed showing us up with her artistic skills – especially her fantastic illustrations that we think are just excellent.

We wish Eilidh the best of luck with her final years at secondary school, and look forward to seeing her name up in lights when her work receives the attention it deserves!



  • Eilidh! We are so proud of you babe! Glad you had an amazing time there and your doodles will one day rock the world! Sophie Trimble 01/10/10
  • Good luck for your exams Eilidh and thanks for the ace biscuits! David 01/10/10
  • Thanks so much for having Eilidh for her work experience this week. We really appreciate all the time and care you have taken with her. It's been great to see her come home enthused and smiling each day from 'work' .... oh that it could ever be thus. Geoff and Lorna Reid 01/10/10