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In what will hopefully be a regular feature to this blog – each month we will gather together some of our favourite discoveries on the web and share these helpful and inspiring links with you.

This month I am concentrating on CSS3 as it seems that it has finally hit the mainstream of the web development world.

Some of the basic visual effects that can be accomplished are shown in a useful Nettuts+ tutorial – Getting to work with CSS3 power tools while another tutorial from the same website explains how to create a sticky note effect using a variety of CSS3 techniques and HTML5.


All this can be created just with HTML and CSS

Media queries is an exciting feature that allows stylesheets to be targeted to specific browser conditions such as maximum resolution.  This allows web developers to cater for different browsing devices while maintaining the same content.  A demo and some examples can be found in the Web Designer Wall article -  CSS3 Media Queries while a more in-depth discussion can be followed in a previous edition of A List Apart – Responsive Web Design.

Most modern browsers now support CSS3 in some shape or form but we will have to wait until Internet Explorer 9 before Microsoft’s browser joins the party.  CSS3 Pie is a script library that aims to include many of these CSS3 features in older versions of IE but I recommend that your website design still functions if these extra flourishes are disabled.

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  • Thanks for the resources. Really amazed by what css3 can do :) Keep your posts going Xaby Web Design 03/09/10