What is Art? Is it Beer?

Posted 22/04/10 by Graeme Brand & Design 2 CommentsPermalink

What is Art? Is it Beer?

New from Brewdog comes Abstrakt a new type of beer brand. Released in very small numbers of limited edition batches and only ever brewed & released once, more art than beer, Abstrakt is a directional & boundary pushing  range of beers.

Such a high concept beer needed a high concept design & brand.  We were only too happy to oblige. Super minimalist design was coupled with a super minimalist naming idea for each beer. Together we agreed to make the bold move of ditching fancy beer names altogether and stripping each products name back to a release number alone. The result maximum impact!






  • Hi Ryan, Thanks glad you like it. The typeface is a bespoke typestyle created for abstrakt. Graeme 27/04/10
  • I like it, the design and approach, sadly havent tried the beer yet. What typeface have you used in the logo? Ryan 26/04/10