Who is Horse-boy

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Who is Horse-boy

Who is this mysterious stranger spotted on the Streets of Aberdeen? Where did he come from? What does he want? or is he just an Aberdeen local horsing around... sorry, sorry, that's terrible.

The rare sighting of the mystery man known only as "Horse-boy" was captured on Google maps' photographic mapping service, Street View.

Horse-boy, who can be seen wearing dark trousers, a purple shirt… oh and a brown and white horse's head, was snapped by the Street View car in the Hardgate area of Aberdeen near its junction with Riverside Terrace and has become an internet sensation.

So the hunt begins… Who is Horse-boy? Are you Horse-boy? Do you know who Horse-boy is? If so BBC Scotland would like to hear from you. Personally i'm kind of hoping for an "I'm Sparticus" response to the appeal… "I'm Horse-boy!"

Contact the BBC Scotland news website at or indeed don't and keep the mystery alive… sometimes it's better that way.