Why companies should use social media to succeed on the internet

Posted 31/01/09 by David Web Permalink

Every business who wants to be taken seriously should have a website, but using social media techniques, they could vastly improve their online presence and customer relations.

These issues are discussed in an interesting article on the BBC News website - "How companies tackle the interweb thingy". Written by Tim Weber at the World Economic Forum in Davos it makes the key point that to succeed in the modern internet companies need to engage more with their customers.

Understanding how social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter operate and can be used to promote and enhance your business is vital.

Further techniques such as company blogs and user interaction is also highlighted as key, with a noticeable division drawn between companies who place constraints on users and those companies who fully embrace social media.

In terms of marketing, the use of comments and blogs can greatly improve your website's search engine ranking, as often they already feature specific queries that people are searching for and also it increases the amount of content and pages relating to your industry/expertise.

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