Why use an Event Manager?

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Why use an Event Manager?

I am often faced with the question “Why should I pay for Event Management Services when I could just organise it myself or get my PA to do it?”

For many of the clients I have worked with over the years, organising an Event is not their primary role - it is an additional task they have been given over and above their day job, and often something they have no experience in. Yet in many cases they are given a significant budget, a very loose brief and sent away to get on with it. They are then expected to produce a fabulous and impressive event, often for external clients and key stakeholders.

Don’t get me wrong, some individuals love these projects, have a talent for it, the right contacts and go on to produce a great event. Others don’t know where to start yet have the events objectives, the companies’ reputation, brand, staff engagement, and a significant budget hanging in the balance.

You wouldn’t ask your Office Manager to act as a lawyer in legal case, or task your HR Manger with conceptualising a new company brand and strategy. So why take the risk with your events? Bring in a specialist in the field, as you would with any other significant project, and ensure your next event is executed in a slick and professional manner and in alignment with your companies’ brand and values.

Key advantages to using a professional Event Manager for your next Event

So what’s it all about?

We want to understand the ‘why’ behind your event so we can propose the best possible solution and format for your objectives.

Is it an internal staff event to reward them for a great year, or to engage them with the organisation and get to know their colleagues? Perhaps there has been a period of change and uncertainty so you want to address issues, move forward and reward loyalty? Or it could be as simple as “All our competitors are doing it so we need to as well”. Whatever the reasons, we can help suggest the best event solutions to meet your objectives.

For external events we want to understand your message and objectives. We can help you showcase your brand and make your clients feel special and important. We can align your event with a particular campaign, or support you in achieving media interest. We want to ensure your event is a true reflection of your organisation, brand and values; something considered and well thought out.

Events are no longer seen as an extravagance, they should form part of your organisations overall retention, growth and marketing strategy.

Time is money…

Organising and managing an Event can be hugely time consuming.
We can take all that away from you, and as we have the right experience, tools and technology, can work much more efficiently.

Many events are now moving to an online, automated guest/delegate, RSVP/registration system. Paper, or indeed more unusual invitations, are still popular but many now direct the guest to visit a bespoke RSVP website to register their attendance. This quick, easy and cost effective option means we can capture guest, partner, travel, accommodation, access and dietary information much more efficiently and with a negligible margin for error as opposed to manual systems. The website is also great for including additional information for guests such as timings, format, dress code, directional maps, pre-reading, programmes etc.

Seeking quotes from suppliers, venue finding, research, risk assessments and site visits are all time consuming and require experience and knowledge, especially if you don’t know the right questions to ask. These are all important elements we can manage for clients.

Event Management doesn’t have to be an expensive extra. Like many other professional services, we work on a day rate and days needed depend on the scope of work required.

Going Live

Someone once described Event Management to me as like producing a live TV show. I hadn’t really considered that before, but they are right. Once your build is complete (often a full day with up to 30 different suppliers to manage), you’ve done your HSE walk through and signed off your risk assessment, you’ve changed out your jeans and into your dress (normally in the loo’s – v glam), everything and everyone is in place, the guests start to arrive and the doors open – you are ON. No matter what happens you have to deal with it; you have no choice, you are live and the show must go on.

While on-site I have had to deal with all manner of catastrophes – believe me, I’ve seen it all! But it’s how you deal with it that matters; 99% of the time my client has no idea anything untoward has happened and continue to blissfully enjoy their event. That’s exactly how it should be, and why my clients use Event Managers.

If you’ve invested thousands on an important event, you want someone on-site who can manage it professionally and efficiently, and deal with last minute requests, changes and crises. It’s always good to have someone calm who can quickly come up with creative ideas on how to get a 10ft high prop Buddha up 3 flights of stairs because the lift has broken, or where to find 100 air horns at 2am…