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Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Connect with current and potential clients using a web marketing campaign.

Having a website for your business is sometimes not enough to guarantee success online. Particularly for a new business or a smaller company, it often takes a creative approach to your marketing to achieve results.

We have helped many businesses with their online marketing, building upon our brand design and web development experience to produce brand focused, highly creative work that delivers measurable results.

Short term campaign websites

Sometimes you only need a website for a short period of time. Whether this is a special promotion for your online shop, or a booking site for a one-off event we can design and build a website that fits seamlessly with your current branding and advertising strategy.

Our web maintenance services can also allow you to update your existing site to include temporary promotions, adverts and web pages to match your marketing campaign.

Email marketing

Keep your customers in the loop with an email newsletter and give them incentives to revisit your website. We provide an advanced email marketing tool that allows you to design, test and send email campaigns to your mailing lists. You can manage your subscribers and we can even integrate a sign up form on your website.

All email campaigns come with detailed statistics and reports showing who has opened your email, who has clicked a link and what dates this happened on.

Viral marketing

Use the web and rise of social networks to promote your business products and services through word or mouth and recommendations. This method can be around 500 - 1000 times more successful than regular advertising.

We have helped a number of clients develop and support viral marketing strategies for the internet. A creative web design and brand solution that offers some reward for the visitor is an ideal combination that doesn't need an excessive budget.

If you would like to discuss your online marketing or web design project then please contact us for more information on how we can help.