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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Improve traffic and increase visitors to your website through a variety of web design techniques.

The major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN) all use different algorithms when calculating how relevant your website is, based on a search's keywords. Through using a range of SEO techniques, we can maximise the chances that your website will be a popular search result for searches relating to your business and services.

Designing search engine friendly websites

When designing and developing websites, we are always thinking about maximising the search engine-friendly nature of the site. We build websites that comply with W3C standards and accessibility guidelines and this combined with optimised content and web structure is often enough to see good search engine rankings.

Additional methods such as meta-tags and alt tags for images can also be used to increase keyword relevance, while the inclusion of dynamic fresh content via a blog or news section is encouraged.

Optimise your existing website

Many websites which suffer with poor search engine listings do not fulfil their potential and this can be losing visitors and revenue. There can be many reasons for this including; badly written, un-focused content; over-complicated and un-necessary html; flash only interfaces; use of images instead of html text and using frames.

We can advise you on ways to update your website, increasing its chances of being found on search engines and we can work closely with you to redevelop your website using all the latest SEO techniques.

Promote your website online

Another major factor in search engine optimisation revolves around web links to your own website. Google especially likes sites that have a good page-rank which are related to your own websites content - linking to your site. Achieving these links without spending large amounts of money is not easy, but you should avoid using methods such as Link Farms and other similar schemes, as these are often frowned upon by search engines and you may be blacklisted.

You may also want to use paid advertising to attract visitors to your website. Pay per click (PPC) schemes such as Google-Ads will drive visitors to your site based on your chosen keywords and can be adjusted to your budget size.

If you have a web development project and are concerned about search engine optimisation or you already have an existing website and want to improve your search engine ranking then please contact us for an initial consultation.