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This is Equity for Punks!

BrewDog was born in 2007 with only a £30,000 bank loan and a mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as they are. Since then BrewDog has grown phenomenally.

equityforpunks screenshot

The Equity for Punks campaign offers fellow craft beer lovers a unique chance to own part of the BrewDog company.

We developed an app. for the Equity for Punks Facebook site (over 14,000 ‘likes’) that linked directly with the campaign website. The Facebook pages were branded throughout with EFP campaign messaging.

equityforpunks facebook screenshot

An email marketing campaign was distributed to BrewDog’s database at strategic periods, with one emailer attracting £50,000 of share buying in a 24hr period. QR codes were also used throughout the campaign on printed materials.
equityforpunks emailer screenshot
The EFP campaign website featured under the main BrewDog web domain. This integration took advantage of the high volume of BrewDog traffic passing through the site daily. EFP pages featured video (produced by BrewDog), prospectus documents and a direct link to the online share buying system.

The results to date speak for themselves:

  • Raised £2.2m
  • 5,746 new shareholders, and over 7,000 in total
  • Shareholders from 32 countries
  • The average investment in EFP was £372.43. The largest was £25,000