Web & Digital


From the simple to the sophisticated, from the classic to the dramatic, Greenwood create and maintain unique office plant displays for clients in Aberdeen and throughout the north-east of Scotland.


Adding a touch of class is what our favourite plant gurus at Greenwood do on a daily basis, so it seemed only fitting that they had a stylish website to match such services.


Our challenge was to design and build a memorable yet simple website with a focus on showcasing Greenwood's unique foliage and floral displays. We answered with a multi-layered scrollable CMS site with full width image banners that would look good on any device.


Our use of animation creates a new sense of perspective and depth to the site, this improves the overall experience for the viewer/user.


Modern devices are provided with logo and icons as scalable vector graphics so that quality isn’t lost on high density devices (iPhone4+, iPad3+,  Android HiDPI).


Visit website: Greenwood Interiors