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Rosies Social Enterprises

Rosie’s Social Enterprises is an award winning suite of social businesses based in Aberdeen.

They offer an unrivalled level of customer service and products of the highest quality, as well as providing training and work experience to people distanced from the labour market.

Run by the charity Turning Point Scotland, Rosie's did not have their own website. They needed a way to showcase the individual businesses that sit within their enterprise:

  • Rosie's Café on Rosemount Place
  • Rosie's Framers, Craft and Gift shop on Holburn Street
  • A bespoke wedding stationery service

We worked with Rosie's to develop a site that supports all three businesses. The consistent interface makes it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. Three harmonious colour schemes ensure each business retains its own distinct voice.

Their new site showcases the fantastic variety of professional services they offer. Rosie's were an absolute pleasure to work with!

“I have just had a look at the site again and feel quite tearful! It so beautifully reflects what we do.”

Patsy Telford
Service Manager, Rosie’s Enterprises

Visit website: Rosies Enterprises