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It’s estimated that by 2014, the use of mobile devices will overtake PCs! Almost half of UK internet users are now going online via smartphones and iPads*.

*according to the Office for National Statistics

Is your online presence geared up to satisfy this huge number of people interested in your business or products?

If not, you need a ‘SMART’ website

A mobile website that isn’t optimised for the Smartphone or iPad format can cause consumer confusion, reducing browsing times and the likelihood of making a purchase or enquiry.
Targeting mobile device users with tailored content will ease online navigation and increase accuracy of searching. A mobile focused website allows quick uploads to create a fast and reliable experience for the user in comparison to a regular website.

Our ‘SMART’ offering

Use the QR code above to check out our responsive site on your phone. The content has been designed to fit with the medium and engage directly with the smart device audience. Intuitive, dynamic and effective. Stay one step ahead of the competition - it's clever to be SMART!

To ensure your site provides the best user experience and engages with your consumers no matter how they access it, then please contact us and ensure your digital message is as ‘SMART’ as it can be.