BrewDog - DIY Dog giveaway

Posted 29/02/16 by Susan Brand & Design Permalink

BrewDog - DIY Dog giveaway

We have been lucky enough to work with BrewDog from the very start, so when they recently asked us to take a trip down memory lane, we thought “Why the hell not?”

Fast forward a few weeks and say hello to ‘DIY Dog’, a free download of every single beer recipe BrewDog have ever created as a tribute to their home-brewing roots!

Our task was to delve deep into our archives, sourcing dozens of labels from over the years, before completing the design and typesetting of  multiple recipe sheets…A mammoth task considering BrewDog have created over 215 beers in less than 8 years. 

After some long nights, and a mighty team effort from everyone at BrewDog and Hamptons, ‘DIY Dog’ was launched to the world on Thursday – and to say it took the internet by storm is an understatement to date DIY Dog has received over 6000 likes and been shared 2,400 times

So what are you waiting for? Download DIY Dog today and get brewing!