5 lessons for 2017

Posted 21/12/16 by Scott Web, General, Case Studies, Brand & Design

5 lessons for 2017

Some of the key brand, marketing and digital lessons we’ve taken from the last 12 months Read more...


Posted 29/09/16 by Susan Web, Case Studies, Brand & Design


Helping the world escape a life on autopilot.

Brand re-fresh attracts new recruits

Posted 09/01/15 by Laura Web, News, Brand & Design

Brand re-fresh attracts new recruits

Dril-Quip were experiencing difficulties in recruiting new members of staff to their teams and so decided to open up their doors and host an open evening. Read more...

Rare Characters welcome

Posted 07/08/14 by Scott Web

Rare Characters welcome

New Global Career Site for world-leading spirit company, William Grant and Sons Read more...

How smart is your digital brand?

Posted 03/09/13 by Scott Web, Case Studies, Brand & Design

How smart is your digital brand?

How to become visible in the mobile age

A Dying Art!

Posted 15/07/13 by Lesley Web, General, Curiosities

A Dying Art!

A special thank you from inky illustrator Johanna Basford Read more...

Happy Birthday BrewDog!

Posted 25/06/13 by Lesley Brand & Design, General, Social, Web

Happy Birthday BrewDog!

The legendary BrewDog AGM


Posted 22/02/13 by Lesley Web


Wonderbeasts is the latest inky adventure from the inspirational Johanna Basford. Read more...

Our guide to - What's hot for 2013!

Posted 23/01/13 by Mike Web, General, Brand & Design

Our guide to - What's hot for 2013!

An insight into the forthcoming trends in brand, design & communication and digital for 2013. Read more...

PHP web developers wanted

Posted 23/03/12 by Mike Web, General

PHP web developers wanted

Full/part-time and freelance PHP web developer positions available.

New website for a new age

Posted 02/03/12 by Scott Web, General, Brand & Design

New website for a new age

Introducing the new Hampton Associates website and web app. Read more...

Hampton Associates client hits the headlines!

Posted 25/01/12 by Graeme Web, Brand & Design

Hampton Associates client hits the headlines!

Our client, OPITO, made an appearance on our screens during yesterdays lunchtime STV news to promote their shiny new website. Read more...

Is That A Fish In Your Ear?

Posted 24/08/11 by Graeme Web, Brand & Design

A brilliant animation by Matt Young

Measure your SEO

Posted 19/05/11 by David Web

Monitor and improve your website's search engine optimisation and conversion rates. Read more...

Optimise your website content

Posted 12/03/11 by David Web

Ensure your website's content is optimised for the web and maximising your SEO. Read more...

Free SEO Checklist

Posted 09/02/11 by David Web

The following list of tips and techniques should be implemented by all web site owners to improve their SEO. Read more...

The growing importance of social media for business

Posted 07/10/10 by David Web, Social, Brand & Design

The growing importance of social media for business

Social media is still in itís infancy but companies are now slowly beginning to take this form of communication seriously. Read more...

Useful CSS3 resources

Posted 30/08/10 by David Web 1 Comment

Some useful CSS3 tips, references and demos.

Hampton Site Manager updates

Posted 06/08/10 by David Web

Hampton Site Manager updates

The latest update news for our ever improving CMS software. Read more...

New Old Spice Campaign Shakes Up Social Media

Posted 15/07/10 by Lexie Web, Curiosities, Brand & Design

Old Spice Ad Campaign targets Twitter generation.

New look BBC news website

Posted 06/07/10 by David Brand & Design, Web

New look BBC news website

The BBC news website is receiving its biggest design rethink since 2003 Read more...

JESS3 / The State of The Internet

Posted 01/06/10 by Graeme Web, Curiosities

Excellent animation that provides a wide range of statistics on the current state of the Internet. Read more...

Google Font API

Posted 20/05/10 by David Web

Google Font API

Web fonts just became a bit more elegant and easier to use. Read more...

2010 Web Design trends

Posted 18/05/10 by David Web

2010 Web Design trends

An in-depth look at the new trends in design and technology used in the web design industry. Read more...

Facebook set to roll out location-based facility

Posted 14/05/10 by Graeme Web

Facebook set to roll out location-based facility

Location-based status updates could allow brands to target consumers with geographically relevant marketing Read more...

Web site speed and Google search rankings

Posted 12/04/10 by David Web

Web site speed and Google search rankings

Google recently announced that the speed of a website would now be a factor in determining its search engine position. Read more...

Zeldman and Ethan Marcotte on the future of the web

Posted 01/04/10 by David Web

Zeldman and Ethan Marcotte on the future of the web

Jeffrey Zeldman and Ethan Marcotte talk about the third edition of Designing with Web Standards as well as discuss the future of the web. Read more...

Email Newsletter Design

Posted 24/03/10 by David Web

Email Newsletter Design

A very comprehensive article in Smashing Magazine, discussing the various user interface and CRM methods used in email newsletter marketing. Read more...

The Cold War of the Web

Posted 19/03/10 by David Web

In an interesting article - Flash and Standards: The Cold War of the Web - Dan Mall discusses the future of developing for the web using seamless integration of different technologies and why its all about the 'People'. Read more...

Increase your website conversion rates with Google Website Optimiser

Posted 06/08/09 by David Web

Using Googles free toolkit enables website owners to experiment with various content combinations to find the one that gives the best conversion rate. Read more...

Upcoming web technologies vs browser compatibility

Posted 18/02/09 by David Web

Compatibility tables for features in HTML5, CSS3, SVG and other upcoming web technologies. Read more...

CSS image replacement for headers

Posted 10/02/09 by David Web

Probably the best technique in the world for using CSS to replace header text, with images. Read more...

Why companies should use social media to succeed on the internet

Posted 31/01/09 by David Web

Every business who wants to be taken seriously should have a website, but using social media techniques, they could vastly improve their online presence and customer relations. Read more...

Styled form fields vs usability

Posted 14/01/09 by David Web

Some things to remember, when implementing CSS styled form fields, to avoid potential usability issues. Read more...

Pushing the boundaries of resolution

Posted 06/11/08 by David Web

What is the minimum resolution a web site should be designed for and should you penalise users with small displays. Read more...

Improve your user interface with a custom 404 page

Posted 29/10/08 by David Web

A well designed custom 404 error page is a straightforward addition to your website which will greatly improve the user experience and prevent lost traffic. Read more...

How to add social bookmarks to your website

Posted 15/08/08 by David Web

Use the popularity of your content to persuade visitors to share your website with others on numerous social networking websites. Read more...

Simple guide for creating an RSS feed

Posted 23/06/08 by David Web

Adding an RSS feed to your website or blog is an easy and effective way to keep your visitors up-to-date with your latest news and posts. This quick guide will show you how to write and publish your own feed. Read more...

Still too early for CSS3

Posted 23/05/08 by David Web

CSS3 promises a whole new array of features which will give web developers even greater control over their web designs. Read more...

Using CSS for custom bullet points

Posted 27/02/08 by David Web

A short guide on using CSS to style lists and custom bullet points for your website. Read more...

Embed media on a website

Posted 19/02/08 by David Web

A short guide on ways to embed media on a website, with links to a number of widely used scripts. Read more...

Free Stock Photography Web Sites

Posted 15/02/08 by David Web

A short guide to some of the best free and low price stock photography web sites - a useful resource for any web designer Read more...

Selecting the best domain name for your website

Posted 09/04/07 by David Web

A discussion on selecting the correct domain name to use for your website. Read more...

Are Meta-tags dead?

Posted 20/02/07 by David Web

Discussion on meta-tags and web design and the value placed on meta tags in relation to search engine optimisation SEO. Read more...